Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick Storage Tip- You're Gonna Love This

Quick Tip from Nancy:

I have seen many ideas for storing your 4 x 6 clear stamp sets.

Here's my solution using a fabric box from Target and homemade dividers.
I separate my Lawn Fawn stamps in categories specific to their unique lines. 

But what about those smaller sized sets?

I've been storing my Lawn Fawn 2 x 3 and 3 x 4 sets in a disk storage container.

Remember Floppy Disks? 

They were necessary back when a PC with 1 gig of memory was considered cutting edge. I used them when I was teaching computer classes back in the 90s and early 2000s. Students would save their work to these floppy disks before we had PCs with room to store their files on the hard drive.

There were these great flip down plastic boxes for storing them:
The front flips down for easy access and the hard plastic was nearly indestructible. Not being one to toss things that may have another use when the original use becomes obsolete I found a new way to use these babies.

When flipped open these boxes have 2 separate compartments that are perfect for storing the Lawn Fawn smaller clear sets! I just flipped the front down, used some heavy-duty clear shipping tape on the back to hold it open. Then I filled it with my well-loved stamps.

The size is so perfect too!

If you have these little boxes kicking around your home office or at work snatch them up and re-purpose them as storage in your craft room. If you type Floppy Disk Storage Box into a search engine you will find a few listings for these handy little boxes.

This weekend would be a perfect time to get a handle on your craft room stamp storage....of course after you've visited Stamp Fever to take advantage of the June Sale or to take a class with either Katie or Nancy or both!

Katie's Card Class June 9 10:00am

Nancy's Die Cut and Punch Class June 9 1:00pm.
See you soon, have a wonderful weekend!


Barb said...

Such great storage ideas, Nancy! Thank you! And those classes look fab! :)

Natalie said...

Fantastic storage ideas for the smaller sets, thank you! That's exactly how I store the larger sets and my dies! But I was stumped on how to organize the smaller, so a huge thank you!!!!

Vicky said...

Love trash to treasure ideas! I use the same way to store my stamp large sets but i needed that idea for the smaller ones! Thanks Nancy!

joy said...

Thanks for the storage ideas, Nancy! Have a wonderful weekend - wish I could come to your classes.

UNIFY Handmade said...

Great Idea! I still have all my Lawn Fawn stamps in their original packing, lol. I need to try these tips :-D Great blog, found you on Lawn Fawn FB page!

Virginia L. said...

Brilliant idea, Nancy!! I must organize my stamps accordingly! Thanks for your tips!

Clair said...

Such a cute idea. Love it!

ScrappyRae10 said...

OOO this is super cute

Renee said...

Wish I had saved those now!! Thanks for the tips, I'll have to look around my house and see if I have something else that can be recycled :)