Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Quick Tip

Lynette has an awesome "green" solution for a pesky problem.

"Recently I was teaching a class and everyone commented on how they like my button storage, so I thought it would be nice to share this tip with our Stamp Fever followers. All my buttons are sorted out by color and placed in re-purposed Starbucks jars. This method keeps your buttons well organized, easy to find, and looks cute too. The picture below shows a few of the jars from my stash.  I hope you liked this tip and have fun collecting those buttons!"
Nancy says: Just a little hint for getting those cute jars ready for your buttons. The labels peel off really easy but sometimes they leave some sticky residue behind. I have used Goo Gone with great results. Saturate a cotton ball with the Goo Gone and apply to the sticky areas, you will need to go over it a number of times and use a bit of elbow grease to remove all traces of adhesive. Then follow up with a quick wash with dish soap and hot water and these little babies are good to go.
How great would these jars look all lined up on a shelve in your craft space?


Barb said...

Boy, do I ever need to do this! My buttons are all mixed up in my jars! Now if I could just find the time to sort them! :)

Lola Marie said...

Oh the Starbucks jars are just perfect !!!

Lola Marie said...

My only problem is I don't drink Coffee :-(