Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Design Team Wednesday

Kathy's here with a quick but highly effective stamping tip.

"Ever have a day when you just couldn't get a full coverage on your silhouette stamps?  Here is what I do when that happens. See the close ups?....don't like that "pitted" look?  Grab your Fantastix coloring tool by Tsukineko and dab it in the ink.  I have one designated just for black ink.  Then carefully color over the area that needs more ink.  I have fixed many an image this way.  I've tried other coloring pens, but love this look the best."

Here's the problem- splotchy black color on your silhouette stamping.

Correct the problem with a Fantastix Ink Applicator Coloring Tool
Just dip the tip in the ink pad to pick up the ink 
and color over the uneven ink on your stamped image.
This technique will work great on large solid stamp images and more intricate designs.

Here's the wonderful result......

And here is this pretty silhouette image used on one of Kathy's signature vintage style cards.

The Tsukineko Fantastix Coloring tools come in sets of 6, each with a cap so you can reuse them.  They come in Brush Point, Bullet Point and a Combo Set. They retail for $5.00 per set.

The silhouette stamp is part of the set  "so blessed" by Penny Black

Thanks Kathy, for another great "insider" tip!


Lola Marie said...

Oh boy, do I have to get one of those pens !!!!

Lola Marie said...

Such a cute card - Love the way you created extra interest to the image with the split layers.

Lola Marie said...

I really love that Vintage Lace.
What a luck person to receive this card !