Thursday, May 3, 2012

Product Spotlight!

The product in the spotlight today is:

Have you been admiring this set in the store but you didn't quite know what to do with it? Well get your mouse-clicking finger warmed up because we have found some gorgeous examples of the beauty you can create with this fabulous stamp set! And to sweeten the can snatch up this set with a 5% discount!!

Now on to the inspiration....
First up is our very own Tiffany: It's the Stuff I Love

Next we found lots of lovelies in the Hero Arts Flickr group:
Lin Brandyberry
Lin Brandyberry
Joy Taylor
Joy Taylor
Joy Taylor
Rosemary D
Cheiron Brandon
Piali Biswas
Dawn Turley
Lisa Alonzo

Then we went straight to the source, the Hero Arts Idea Gallery:
Tami Hartley
Sally Traidman
Lisa Spangler

Do some blog surfing and get inspired, then get yourself to Stamp Fever for some Pattern Hearts and Flowers!

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