Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Design Team Wednesday

Hi Everyone, Nancy here with this week's Design Team Wednesday offering.

I recently finished my Stamping 103 series of classes and we ended with a creative free-for-all. I would like to share with you the fabulous projects that my talented class created.

We worked on 8x8 Canvas Collage Samplers,  this is my finished canvas:

Here's how the fun unfolded:

 Jacquie, Carol, Sue, Barbara and Kim

Anne, Karen, Sondra, Lee Anne and Lauren

 Carol working on her elements

 Jacquie's cooking on all burners....

 Lee Anne's canvas is going to be pretty in pink

 Barbara laying out her main elements

 Anne's got some great ideas for her canvas

Sue is working with shades of purple....she's even color coordinated her outfit!

 Jacquie, Carol and Sue share a laugh

Kim is hard at work on her masterpiece
Sondra's work in progress

 Karen is working on arranging her elements

 Jacquie's canvas is getting there...

 Sondra's Canvas...almost finished

Sue's finished canvas

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