Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Clearance / Personalized Stamps / Engraved Wooden Pen Offer

Starting December 3, 2014 
New Clearance Deals: 
All items  30% off
Stop by soon for the best selection

Looking for a special holiday gift or thank you? Look no further.
Personalized Stamps!!!How great is this!!!  Have a stamp made with your friends, a family member or maybe YOUR name! A fantastic way to personalize paper crafts.  We have many styles to choose from OR design your own.  Turnaround time is pretty fast (we're talking days, not weeks), but check with Linda if you tend to put things off to the last minute.  Hummm, I know someone just like that...better get my order in this week!  

Print this form and fax to Linda at 714-974-3766 or email to
Questions call Linda at 714-974-3552.

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