Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What's New / Wednesdays with Linda

What's New at Stamp Fever?
Shop Hop Passports!

Carson Rubber Stamp Show Tickets!

New Classes!

More Products!

We have so much going on over the next couple of months! The Carson Rubber Stamp show is in a few weeks...we have discount tickets!  Shop Hop is just around the corner...we have passports!  Check out our class schedule! AND because of Shop Hop our store is full of the latest releases and products! More and more is coming in daily!  Also, more detailed information coming later in the week.

This week's 
Wednesdays with Linda

Wednesday June 18th
Here's Linda's Wednesday card!  Printworks Stamps are featured this week in a happy, summertime card. Each card is $1.00 to make.  Hope you will come and enjoy the afternoon with Linda and all the other gals.

Make 'n Take Wednesday with Linda.  1PM  to  5 PM
Looking Forward...
A couple of fun events will be coming up the end of this month.  The first is a Patriotic Make 'n Take with Lynette on Friday, June 27th and the second is the Happy Hour Class with Anne on Saturday, June 28th.  A post with more detail will follow later in the week.

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