Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mojo a day late....

What happened to Monday? I think I was delirious from the heat but today is a bit cooler so how about some mojo for this week.

Are you tired of making cards and thinking in a 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 box? Why not play with your stamps, inks and art supplies on a canvas? For this 8x8 canvas I used Design Memory Craft Gelatos and PITT Artist pens along with stamps from Hero Arts and Lawn Fawn and some art supplies.

For the background I scribbled on various colors Gelatos and blended with some water using my fingers. Yay, finger painting is so much fun!! A lot of trial and error went into stamping and coloring the bicycle which was finished off with a silver PITT Artist pen. Then I added some personal touches with doodles, tissue tape,  die cut clouds and the paper pieced banner.

So the mojo prescription for this week is to let go and try something new with no expectations. I purposely didn't share how I solved the stamping of the bicycle because that's all part of the artistic journey. How would you add a stamped and colored image to a prepared background? Don't have a canvas to work on...try a large sheet of watercolor paper or cut up a cereal box and use it as your "canvas". Just create something new and different and free up your inner artist!

Stamp Fever has a selection of Faber Castell "Design Memory Craft" products. Sometimes just trying a new product can be the spark that ignites your creativity and gets your mojo on a roll.

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Unifyhandmade said...

That's so creative of you! I haven't worked with canvas in such a long time--maybe it's time for me to pull them out :-D You should enter this into the Lawn Fawn contest. I'm sure they'd love to see it!